Industry Legend Phil Stein to Present the Power of Vacuum

Industry Legend Phil Stein to Present the Power of Vacuum

This special 2-hour educational session will be held from 10:00 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, November 13, and is open to all participants.

The legendary Phil Stein, a consultant in the industrial vacuum industry, will present this "nuts and bolts science lab" for first-time users and experienced vacuum truck operators. Topics include basic types of trucks, how pressure works, measuring vacuum and pressure, why hose diameter and length is important, viscous materials, air mover configuration, special operations, when things go wrong and major safety concerns.

Phil entered the industrial/municipal cleaning industry in 1969 working primarily in the sales and marketing of industrial vacuum and high pressure cleaning equipment. In 1993 Stein began working with Guzzler/Vactor products. During that time, he saw the necessity for more formal training for industrial vacuum equipment. Stein's specialized "science lab" presentations have been given to over 2,000 individuals since the training programs started in 1996. Stein retired in 2009, but he continues to perform training sessions and he serves the industry as a consultant.

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