Live Demos

WJTA-IMCA's live outdoor demonstrations are a popular and unique part of the Expo program. Participants have the chance to see some of the newest equipment, including automated hydroblasting equipment, advanced controls, vacuum trucks/hydro-excavators, high pressure pumps, and more from a variety of leading vendors in action. Participating companies included:

Gardner Denver Water Jetting (website)

The Nitrogen Pressure Regulator System offered by Gardner Denver is a best-in-class flow valve for multi-gun operation. This flow valve allows operators to utilize the full capacity of their pump by safely splitting and distributing water to as many operators as possible. The standard Pressure Regulator System comes with a four port manifold in 15K or 20K PSI options. Custom manifolds can be made by request to allow even more operators working off of one pump. With this tool you no longer need to run multiple pumps to get the job done. The nitrogen bladder within the body of the valve absorbs the pressure kicks so that each operator can blast freely without affecting other operators. As such the advantages of this tool include: increased efficiency, performance, safety, and lower overhead by reducing the number of pumps needed to get the job done.

Hammelmann Corp. (website)

Hammelmann will demonstrate some of the most recent state-of-the-art water blasting systems, controls and accessories available on the market today.

Jetstream of Houston LLP (website)

Jetstream of Houston’s TwinForce™ 650 HP waterblast unit will be used to demonstrate several specialized tools, including Jetstream’s 4-inch J-Force and Orbi-Jet Rotary Nozzles.

NLB Corporation (website)

NLB continues the focus on its newest technology – the E-Clutch™ dry shut off system – and the expansion of that technology with the Esync™ line of accessory tools. Remote operation via wireless control of hand lances, foot boxes and other semi-automated equipment will be on display.

PSI Pressure Systems Corp. (website)

Come see why 100's of contractors are switching to PSI Pressure Systems' NX-Series high-pressure water blasting pumps. Leading the industry in safety, maintenance, flexibility, performance, cost of operation, and reliability, PSI's patented conversion system makes PSI's pumps the only pumps in the world capable of operating throughout its pressure range of 4,000 psi to 40,000 psi (275 bar and 2,800 bar) without changing or removing the discharge manifold, accessory manifold, rupture disc assemblies, or pressure gauges.

Reliable Pumps Consultants, Inc. (website)

Reliable Pumps Consultants, Inc. will be demonstrating the latest industry standard 40,000 psi ultra high pressure diesel powered pumping unit, manufactured by Reliable Pumps, utilizing the industry exclusive "Intellivalve" pump component designed by PTC Waterblasting, LLC. This equipment will be demonstrated in conjunction with the PTC Scimitar rotating nozzle technology and the latest in UHP control valve technology and other accessories. The demonstration will provide a preview of the latest design manufacturing and technological advances in the high-pressure industry offered by the alliance of Reliable Pumps Consultants, Inc. and PTC Waterblasting LLC.

StoneAge, Inc. (website)

StoneAge will be demonstrating new additions to our industry leading line of controlled rotary waterblasting tools and our latest automated equipment, featuring complete systems for pipe cleaning, tube cleaning, and surface preparation.

Terydon, Inc. (website)

Terydon Inc., the 2017 recipient of the WJTA-IMCA Safety Award, will be demonstrating their most recent enhancements to their touch-screen tablet controlled products. This technology will exhibit the latest achievements in safety and production in industrial cleaning.

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