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Live Demonstrations

Outdoor live demonstrations are a unique and popular part of the WJTA program. Live demos will be held from 2pm to 4pm on Wednesday, November 2, in Parking Lot F across from the exhibit hall.

Participating companies include:

  • Hammelmann Corporation
  • Jetstream of Houston
  • Keith Huber Corporation
  • NLB Corporation
  • StoneAge, Inc.

Here' a preview of what you'll see at the outdoor demos!

Hammelmann Corporation - www.hammelmann.us

Hammelmann Corporation will be demonstrating its EZ1 pump control system along with its wireless pump controller. The high pressure pump will be powering the newly released S-600 Aquamat tank cleaner for use in IBC tote tanks. The Hammelmann S-600 tank cleaning units remove hard deposits and incrustations from the inner and outer walls of tanks at operating pressures of up to 9,000 psi. The unit operates solely using the power of the water jet. Hammelmann offers a wide range of tank cleaners and nozzle holders for the various vessel and pipe cleaning applications.


Design features of the S-600 Aquamat:

  • Minimum pressure losses resulting in high efficiency
  • Focused water jets for maximum cutting performance and distance
  • Wear-resistant, infinitely variable braking system. The adjusting mechanism is dirt-protected
  • Compact and corrosion-resistant housing
  • High reliability due to simple, low-maintenance design
  • Freely suspended operation possible

Jetstream of Houston, LP - www.waterblast.com

Coming soon


Keith Huber Corporation - www.keithhuber.com

The Pac-Mac Roll-Off offers superior versatility, maneuverability, and value. The Pac-Mac Roll-Off has three patent pending features that set the standard of performance driven fleets in the waste industry. These patent pending features include: bolt-on replaceable steel fenders with hydraulic guard lines, steel line plumbing keeping hoses to a minimum, and hoist controls inside the cab located on a swing-away control tower. Each patent pending feature contributes to the quality. economic efficiency, durability and user-friendly design that Pac-Mac is known for.


NLB Corporation - www.nlbcorp.com

NLB’s new ATL-5022 Tube Bundle Cleaner has simple modifications that produce major technological advancements. The unique design reduces maintenance costs while improving lance rotation, increases hose reel reliability, and remotely operates/troubleshoots from the seat of the cab. Watch the live demo to see how it’s done!


StoneAge, Inc. - www.stoneagetools.com

Watch the Sentinel-enabled AutoBox 3L alongside an exclusive sneak peek of the ABX1L Compass* that’s specifically designed to bring Sentinel productivity features like smart indexing and feeding to radial cleaning applications. See how the two systems improve speed and safety for horizontal, vertical, or confined space tube cleaning applications.


Plus, see Terydon's Jack Track modular abrasive cutting system in action. The lightweight, modular straight track system can perform a variety of applications, including circle, pipe and radius cutting, while operating wirelessly via tablet for precise control from a safe distance.

*ABX1L Compass is in the concept phase of development. We look forward to your questions and feedback.







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